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We Love Entertainment

We love our Mobile Phones. We carry them with us everywhere. We love the Internet. A world of amazing content is waiting for all of us.

But sometimes finding the content we care about is difficult.

There are thousands of places on the web to display pictures, videos, blogs, web pages, podcasts, slideshows, music, social posts and everything else. How many hours are wasted wading through poor quality boring content?

Most web content is not mobile optimised, so how DO YOU find AMAZING CONTENT?

Social Sites like Facebook and Twitter are terrific. However, there is so much competing content nowadays, things we care about, can often get missed. In fact 80% of the posts made on facebook, we don't even get the chance to see, as they are filtered out.

Facebook say users have 1500 (average) new posts a day in their Newsfeed. Here's the link. Facebook Article

On average over 500 Million Tweets are posted every day. Here's the link. Twitter Article

That's Why We Invented WebNumbers

WebNumbers is a revolutionary Mobile Platform designed to make finding the content you want easy and sharing that content even easier.

WebNumbers are 9 Digit Codes. Just type the number or click a posted WebNumbers Link to reach an amazing range of content. All mobile optimised. All easy to find. All in one place.

WebNumbers Index

Each WebNumber leads to a powerful Index of up to 20 Content Types. Whether you are looking for the best Videos, Blogs, Facebook Posts, Tweets, Pinterest Boards, Pins and more you will find it here.

Everything is hand picked, to give you the best mobile experience.

Unlimited Links

We allow unlimited links in our App for every Category. You can access potentially hundreds of content items from just one WebNumber. It's so convenient.

Easy Sharing

Don't make your friends search for it. Take them straight to it. Post our powerful Sharing Links on your favourite social networks. One click and you're done. It's so easy to share.

The best part. We share links to the WebNumbers Index. So your friends can choose from all of the amazing content available. Don't be shy. Sharing makes the World go round.

Available On Smart Phones & Tablets

You can access WebNumbers on any mobile device running our free app. We support all modern Apple (iOS 5 +) and Android (Ice Cream Sandwich +) SmartPhones and Tablets.

Use your phone during the day, and use your tablet at night. The choice is yours. Our amazing cloud technology ensures everything is synced in real time to all of your devices.

Built In Web Browser

All WebNumbers Content is loaded in our Mobile Optimised Web Browser. Everything is self contained. There is no need to visit multiple websites or use different apps. Everything is here, in one place.

Family Friendly

Every WebNumbers Account has a Security Pin. This lets you login / logout on countless devices as everything is always waiting for you in the cloud. This means families and friends can share devices knowing their content is protected.

For convenience, we show your name after you use the device for the first time, so all you need is your pin code to re-use the device. You may clear your name from the list at any time.

Of course if you are not sharing your device, you have the option to stay permanently logged in for instant access.

You may create as many Content Accounts as you wish, completely free of charge. Just click the "Register" Button on our App and we will send you the login details.

Every WebNumber Index is given an Age Rating when published. This helps protect children seeing a WebNumber on Tv, for example, from accessing age inappropriate content. We care about families and the safety of our younger users.

Demo Videos

Want to discover all of the amazing features available on the WebNumbers Platform. Check out our How To Videos page.


We do not charge a penny for WebNumbers Mobile App Services. We do not carry advertising on the WebNumbers App nor do we share any personally identifiable information with others. There's no catch. No in-app purchases. Everything is free, forever.

Content Providers purchase a range of services from WebNumbers to make their content available on our Platform. If you would like to become a Content Provider, please see our Content Partners page.

Discovery Is Fun

Check out our Showcase Page to see further examples of WebNumbers Content for some of the biggest stars in Entertainment, Sports and Fashion.

Our Mobile App has incredibly powerful technology to learn from your searches to deliver the best content likely to interest you. Don't worry we never share your search history with others.

The App is tiny. It typically takes less than a minute to download. We feature over 50 Entertainment WebNumber Links in the app to get your started. So go ahead and try us out. We promise you'll love it.

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We can also deliver amazing content that is highly specific to your interests by Push Message. So please subscribe to our Push Messaging Services. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

We promise you will love this service. Normally Push Messages are sent out once a week or less. Note we send a maximum of 1 push message a day.

Our Push Services are a great way to stay up to date with all of our new services and to discover really special WebNumbers Content.

WebNumbers - One World One App

WebNumbers is not just for entertainment content. It's for everything.

In the coming months, you will find WebNumbers on products, websites, social sites, directories, billboards, shop windows, tv and radio commercials and so much more.

Our goal is simple. We want to make it easy to find all of the content you want. In one easy to use mobile experience.

Thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to delivering an amazing Mobile Experience for you and your family.

We are always improving. Always listening. So why not tell us how we're doing.

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