It’s Time To Change The Rules

We love our Mobile Phones. We carry them with us everywhere. We love the Internet. A world of amazing content is waiting for all of us.

But sometimes trying to find the content we care about is frustrating.

There are thousands of places on the web to discover pictures, videos, blogs, web pages, podcasts, slideshows, music, social posts and lots more.

The problem is, most of this content is not mobile optimised.


Introducing Webnumbers

webnumbers is a revolutionary Mobile Platform designed to make finding the content you want easy and sharing that content even easier.

WEB ADDRESSES are difficult to type on a Mobile Device. So we use NUMBERS instead. Each numeric code points to a webnumbers index.

Webnumbers Index

Every webnumber loads a powerful index page (featuring up to 20 Content Categories). Whether you are looking for the best Videos, Blogs, Facebook Posts, Tweets, Pinterest Boards, Reviews and more you will find it here.

Everything is hand picked, to give you the very best mobile experience.

What Have I Seen

Content is regularly updated. To help you keep track we colour code Categories and Links. If the Link is white, it means you have seen the content before. If it’s grey, great news there is more to see. On the Index Page, a Category turns white when all Content Links for that Category have been seen.

We also highlight the entry in your Directory (black background), when new webnumbers content is available to download.

Unlimited Links

We allow unlimited links in our App for every Category. You can potentially access hundreds of content items from just one webnumber. It’s so convenient.

Facebook / Twitter Gateway

We now display all of your Facebook Likes and Twitter Friends.

Your “Facebook Likes” and “Twitter Friends” are automatically compared with our Database.

When there is a match, your will find a webnumbers link.

Even if there is no match, just click your chosen link to load the corresponding Facebook Page / Twitter Profile.

We are notified in real time, when a new “Like” / “Friend” appears on our platform.

Every day our Team and Content Partners will be adding content to the webnumbers platform.

Remember, all content is hand picked on webnumbers to give you the very best mobile content experience.

Directory and Suggestions

Our Suggestions Page delivers a diverse range of content options. Our Advanced (AI) Algorithm learns from your searches to deliver recommendations.

Our Directory is state of the art.

We update your directory content in real time (displaying a black border when new content is available to download)

You can filter by content type and search by “Title / Category”, “Recent (Last Viewed) Content” or “Updated Content”.

Easy Sharing

Don’t make your friends search for it. Take them straight to it. Post our powerful Sharing Links on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Mobile Links are super smart.

If the app is installed, we take you straight to the webnumbers index.

If not, we direct you to your app store to download webnumbers for Free.

Built In Web Browser

All webnumbers content is loaded in our Mobile Optimised Web Browser. Everything is self contained. There is no need to visit multiple websites or use different apps. Everything is here, in one place.


We do not charge a penny for webnumbers mobile app services. We do not carry advertising on the webnumbers app nor do we share any personally identifiable information with others. There’s no catch. No in-app purchases. Everything is free, forever. We generate revenue from our content providers.

One World One App

webnumbers is not just for entertainment content. It’s for everything.

In the coming months, you will find webnumbers on products, websites, social sites, directories, billboards, shop windows, tv and radio commercials and so much more.

Our goal is simple. We want to make it easy to discover all of the amazing content you want, in one easy to use mobile experience.


Thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to delivering an amazing Mobile Experience.

We are always improving. Always listening. So why not tell us how we’re doing.